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Nov 9, 2014

AC Slater and Kelly Kapowski are together again!

Former Saved by the Bell stars Mario Lopez and Tiffani Thiessen recently reunited, giving fans of the famous ’90s TV sitcom a huge dose of nostalgia in the best way possible. But instead of hanging out at The Max like their high school days, these two whipped up their own delicious dishes at Thiessen’s home.

Lopez, his wife Courtney Mazza and Thiessen teamed up in the kitchen for the actress’ Cooking Channel show Dinner at Tiffani’s.

“So @ & I just had ‘Dinner At Tiffanies’ & it was great. I remember when she could barely wash a grape…,” Mario joked on Twitter with a cute photo of the trio.

The pair also posed for a selfie together, which Lopez shared on Twitter with the caption, “Loved catching up with my girl @ ! Had a fun time on her show ‘Dinner At Tiffanies’ .”

According to the Cooking Channel website, Thiessen “likes to throw intimate dinner parties at her house for her celebrity friends,” which is what sparked Dinner at Tiffani’s. Along with cooking some of her favorite dishes, Tiffani and her guests, like Nathan Fillion (Castle),Willie Garson (Sex and the City) and Lindsay Price (90210), share entertaining stories.Ooooh!

Meanwhile, Lopez recently revealed he was in a relationship with Thiessen back in the day while promoting his book Just Between Us on Howard Stern.

“We were in a relationship,” Lopez confirmed. “Out of all those girls, that’s the one I would have picked,” Stern said.

Lopez reveals many personal and career stories and secrets in his memoir, including a relationship with Tiffani while they were both on the show from 1989–1993. Lopez alluded to the relationship lasting a few years, and that it was very low key. “We were pretty slick about it. We weren’t holding hands or making out on set,” he said.


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Every morning when she wakes up, Tiffani Thiessen’s four-year-old daughter Harper turns to her mom and says, ‘Is there a baby in your belly?’ Convinced a baby grows overnight, she is disappointed when her mom’s stomach is still flat. “She puts more pressure on me than anyone!” says Tiffani with a laugh. “Every day, she begs me to have a baby. She can’t wait to turn into a little mommy. She’s ready!”

Ready for another baby are also Tiffany and husband Brady Smith, an actor and artist. “We are definitely trying,” says Tiffani, who turned 40 earlier this year. Is she pregnant? “I don’t think so!” she says.  “I would feel it, and I don’t feel pregnant right now. With Harper it happened right away, so I’m hoping it’ll be as easy this time around.”

Since Harper was born, parenthood has taken priority for Tiffani and Brady. Both try to spend as much time at home as possible — Tiffani’s role on USA Network’s White Collar has required her to work only a few days a week — and they have never employed a nanny. “I know I’m extremely fortunate that we’ve been able to be her full-time caretakers,” says Tiffani, who gets help from her mom and aunt.

An avid cook, Tiffani has also turned the family’s Cape Cod-style Los Angeles home into a food producing haven, with an ambitious vegetable garden and a chicken coop for eggs. You can often find her and Harper cooking up a storm in the kitchen, although Harper prefers digging in the dirt wearing a princess dress and boots. Tiffani’s passion for food has even turned into a new show — Cooking Channel’s Dinner At Tiffani’s – which begins shooting its first season this fall.

Often described as a sweetheart, Tiffani is indeed as lovely as she appears. She’s funny, kind, silly, straight-forward and generous. But beneath all those qualities, you’ll also find a strong sense of self. It’s that combination of sweetness and strength that makes her presence so addicting. In an exclusive interview — with photographs by Elizabeth Messina — Tiffani opens up about turning 40, raising a veryspirited daughter, her strict dinner rule and the one thing she will never watch on television! • Ulrica Wihlborg.
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