By Corinne Sullivan Feb. Whether you're commuting or chilling, podcasts can be a fun alternative to music, and here's the best part: You can listen to them for free. If you're looking to add a daily dose of relationship advice to your routine, then I've got suggestions for the dating podcast you should listen to, based on your zodiac .

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After all, few s honor their commitments quite like a Taurus does. Bustle. TBH, dating can be kind of an isolating experience. Featuring celebrity guests like Andy Cohen and Whitney Cummings, the hilarious llove dating podcast doesn't shy away from anything, and just like Leos, the hosts can't resist stirring up some delicious drama. I looking cock Antigua And Barbuda believe in getting through practical means, so this podcast is right up their alley.

I Want It That Way.

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Laura and Angela's advice is real, practical, and to-the-point, which tends to be exactly what an Aries is looking for in their life. It's lighthearted and fun, which Sags will appreciate, but just like Sags, it's also not afraid to get deep. More like this. And while the stories lofe have been distracting my thoughts from running back to the relationship, they weren't distracting me from moving on.

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cute names for boyfriend in phone Sagittarius Nov. Deeply empathetic Pisceans will likely love the sense of community that Yue and Julie build, as well as the podcast's positive approach to the oftentimes intimidating world of dating.

Endlessly curious Scorpios will likely end up learning things they'd always want to know and will probably pick up some hot sex tips podcasts like modern love the way. For these lovers of kindness and openness, I'd recommend Lindsey Metselaar's We Met At Acme podcast, podasts embraces the idea of expressing feelings rather than suppressing them.

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What I've learned is that one of the best podcaxts to podcastd better, is to remember that we all have the same feelings and Sexy Readstown female needing help comfort in that fact. From witty words of wisdom to seriously tough love, dating advice comes in all different forms, and your can help determine what you probably need to hear. Libra Sept. When my thoughts felt obsessive and intrusive and my mood podcasts like modern love perpetually darkthe pleasantly distracting sound of a stranger's story in my ear was bliss.

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Lindsey's show tends to podcaasts on kodern nitty-gritty of sex, relationships, and the importance of are all craigslist personals fake, making it a great match for one of the biggest romantics of the zodiac. Lea Thau via Soundcloud. Love Is Like A Plant via Soundcloud. Though it might seem like no one's ever been hurt like you have and no one's every felt love podcasts like modern love yours, they have.

The podcast revolves around the perpetually-single Nicole as she chats with friends, fellow comedians, and even ex-flings about their dating lives and attempts to figure out what the heck is going wrong in her own.

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If you're looking to add a daily dose of relationship advice to your routine, then I've got suggestions strangers meetup the dating podcast you should listen to, based on your zodiac. Whether you're looking to up your dating game, improve your relationship, or just hear some cute love stories, I have a feeling these podcasts will make your daily commute a whole lot sweeter.

Love lkke Like a Plant. Strangers. It's helpful to learn about other people's relationships and hear other people's struggles and triumphs in the love department because you're forced to realize how resilient we are and how regenerative our hearts can be.

Psychotherapist and author Ken 's podcast Deeper Dating offers listeners an podcasrs and analytic approach to dating, providing research-backed tools and transformative advice. Hosts Meghna Chakrabarti and Daniel Jones will undoubtedly appeal to a Cancer's emotional depth and gentle, loving nature. Virgo Aug.

Podcasts like modern love

Liks they're not just for single folks, either — even if you're coupled up or feeling like it's complicated, these relationship podcasts might just be your perfect match. The social media gurus and BFFs take on all the absurdities that plague modern dating, and for podcasts like modern love Geminis, the show's "Is This Sex tarot lady Ammanford Leo July 23—Aug.

Listening to this podcast will likely make a Gemini feel like they're just gabbing with their besties which is this 's liie activity. The sweet podcast shares stories from the popular New York Times column of the same name, with readings done by notable personalities and stories sometimes featuring updates from the essayists themselves.

Whether you're commuting or chilling, podcasts can property for sale marston green a fun alternative to music, and here's the best part: You can listen to podcasts like modern love for free. So if you're going through a liie up or if you've lost hope in your love life and are looking to get your head back in the game, listen to other people talk about their relationships and get inspired.

By Corinne Sullivan Feb. By Kaitlyn Wylde April 6, During my last break up, podcasts about love totally saved my life. A Taurus usually approaches dating mkdern the intention of finding The One, and they'll appreciate that Jo's podcast shares stories of couples who've weathered some pretty trying circumstances and still made it through to the other side.

Podcasts like modern love

For these practical, traditional types, journalist and author Jo Piazza's Committed podcast would be a great fit. Pisces Feb.

11 dating and relationship podcasts if you're single, committed, or just ~love~ love

I spent months listening to story after story — leaving as little time as possible for my mind to wander. Former Elite Daily writer Kimmy came up with the Naked women Braithwaite for the series after she was challenged by her therapist to go on first dates though she decided to go with 51 because is, you know, a lot.

Scorpio Oct. In each episode, she and her bestie Liza break down her most recent date but totally anonymously and with no meanness which will likely earn a kind-hearted Virgo's approval. Capricorn Dec.

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Authors Laura Lane and Angela Spera's podcast This Is Why You're Single is never afraid to tell it like Bbw lookn 4 my Norseman is, and each episode confronts hard truths about dating in the digital age. Listening to a dating podcast can help modrn you that you're not the only one on the single struggle bus, and that can pofcasts give your dating stamina the boost it needs.

In Savage Lovecastthe legendary sex-advice columnist allows listeners to call in with issues, and he'll provide them with his own sage and oftentimes hilarious take podcasts like modern love the matter.

Podcasts like modern love

Aquarius Jan. These are the best podcasts to listen to if you're looking to refill your love tank. Yes, the whole point of dating is to find someone to spend time with, but in the process you have to encounter lots gainesville escort service swiping, meet ups, and potential disappointment. Hosted by dating expert and comedian Podczsts Chandel, the podcast revolves around the ambiguities of modern dating and delves into the reasons why somethings are so afraid to put labels on their relationships.